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TIC Clan Minimap Wildlife Highlight

por nhoobish - 75 baixar

t6767bpb7a3mi4n3aq39gexwuibmd356Note: When using this modification you are making a trade off from aesthetics to more functionality. The grayish green colour of wildlife has been switched with pinkish tone. However, since the grayish green colour is used in other places, such as trees or grass textures, then you may notice some issues with aesthetics.Here is the example of texture.image.pngYou may or may not notice the pinkish tone in the grass/trees as easy, but it will still be there. It depends on your colour scheme and contrast of your display. For me, personally, the contrast is higher than usual, so it is more visible, however, if it does not bother your usage then carry on and enjoy the functionality.Check alsoTIC Clan CursorsTIC Clan Small Trees
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